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It Is My Passion To Empower Women To Believe In Themselves, Use Their God Given Voice & Gifts, Grow In Confidence, Achieve Their Dreams, & Find Joy, Purpose, & Fulfillment In Their Lives!  

I Believe We All Have Unique Qualities, Stories, And Gifts, That Make Us Who We Are! 
We Need To Appreciate Our Uniqueness and Gifts, And Use Them To Impact The World For Good!

If you need help finding your purpose, creating an action plan to achieve your dreams, or increasing your self confidence, then book a consultation for my one on one coaching sessions. I would love to help you!

"Whitney has been selected as a Top Life Coach by Coach Foundation." 

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 About Whitney 

I am an authentic, independent, faith filled, encourager! I love coffee, Jesus, my friends/family, helping others, & being outdoors.


Throughout my life, I have learned to let go of my timeline and expectations, & to let go of other people's and society's expectations for me. I have learned to walk in grace instead of perfection, to slow down instead of hurrying through life, to enjoy the little things each day, to pursue my dreams, and to find peace in my life; no striving, no comparison, no competition.  My desire is to help you do the same! I have been through ups and downs in my life, and I have learned that things do not always go as planned. The things that helped me through my difficult seasons were my faith, God, friendships, and family. If you are needing support, guidance, wisdom, or accountability, then book a free consultation! Let's work together!

My Leadership Experience & Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Oral Roberts University. I am a certified Life Coach through IAP Career College. I served as a chaplain at ORU for 3 years, and I have led women's Bible studies for over 10 years. I worked as a Social Worker for 14 years, and I was a Social Work Supervisor for 8 years. I served as the Kid's Ministry Leader  for 5 years and oversaw over 40 volunteers.  


I know what it's like to pursue big dreams, and the risks, fears, and excitement it brings! 

You have to work for what you want in life, and put action to your faith, so take the step forward and let's work together to achieve your dreams!

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Transformation Takes Place With Commitment, Action, and Accountability. 


"Whitney has provided me with many alternative perspectives in her coaching that have given me more clarity and direction. She has helped me find confidence in my decision making and has guided me closer toward reaching and then completing some of my goals. I would recommend Whitney Rowland Life Coaching to those who need help finding purpose, direction, and confidence in their life. Whitney's sincerity and her encouragement has helped me see differently and ask more questions to myself. I needed the perspectives she gave me, and in those perspectives I found breakthrough!"


- Brooke A. (1-on-1 Client) 

"There are so many things I liked about this course! The main benefit is knowing that I’m not alone. Other people are going through similar things in their singleness. The course allowed me to self-reflect and grow in ways I didn’t know I needed to. It also allowed me to reflect and see how much I have grown, which is such a blessing to acknowledge. The content was great each week and it wasn’t repetitive. I wanted to grow, and I feel like that’s exactly what happened. I wasn’t expecting to feel so understood. That was one of the best unexpected benefits of the course.

 - Becca L. (Confidently Single Course & Group Coaching Student)

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