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It Is My Passion To Empower Women To Find True Joy, Purpose, And Fulfillment In Their Lives By Realizing Their Worth, Gaining Confidence, And Finding Freedom From Negative Mindsets, Societal Pressures and Expectations.   

I help women uncover and overcome negative mindsets and beliefs about themselves, and find clarity in areas they feel overwhelmed and stuck. I help them discover and pursue their dreams and create their next steps forward, so they can live a confident and fulfilled life. 

*Are you tired of feeling stuck in life?

*Do you want more from your life, but you're not sure how to get there or where to start?

*Are you struggling with self doubt, fear, and insecurities?

*Are you frustrated with unmet expectations and feeling like a failure?

*Are you questioning your purpose in life?

 Let me help you!

Book a free consultation "discovery call" to get started, and see how I can help you move forward in life & make your dreams a reality!

"Whitney has been selected as a Top Life Coach by Coach Foundation." 

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 About Whitney 

I am an authentic, understanding, independent, faith filled, encourager! I have learned to walk in grace instead of perfection, to slow down instead of hurrying through life, to enjoy the little things each day, pursue my dreams, and find peace in my life; no striving, no comparison, no competition, just being confidently at peace with who I am and the season I’m in. I have learned to let go of my timeline and expectations, & to let go of other people's expectations and society’s expectations for me. I live my life with joy and fullness. I know what it's like to start over, and the risks, fears, and excitement it brings when you pursue big dreams! My goal is to help you do the same!  You have to work for what you want in life, and put action to your faith, so take the step forward and let's work together to achieve your dreams!

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Transformation takes place with commitment, action, and accountability. 

Book a Free Discovery call today!

Services Offered

One on One Coaching

This includes weekly zoom sessions which are 50 minutes each. This also includes weekly communication by email or text for follow up, accountability, and questions outside of the weekly zoom sessions.

Group Coaching

This includes weekly zoom sessions which are 90 minutes long, and includes up to 8 other women working on similar goals. Group coaching is based on availability.

Event Speaker

To Book me as a speaker for your next event, book a call below. Topics include: Finding your purpose/using your gifts,

Be boldly & uniquely you,

Be confident & fulfilled in the single season,

Women of Worth:Know your identity in Christ, 

Change your mindset to produce good things in your life.

(Other topics can be discussed during the discovery call)

The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.

"Whitney has provided me with many alternative perspectives in her coaching that have given me more clarity and direction. She has helped me find confidence in my decision making and has guided me closer toward reaching and then completing some of my goals. I would recommend Whitney Rowland Life Coaching to those who need help finding purpose, direction, and confidence in their life. Whitney's sincerity and her encouragement has helped me see differently and ask more questions to myself. I needed the perspectives she gave me, and in those perspectives I found breakthrough! " Brooke A. 


"Working with Whitney has been incredible and well worth the investment! She has motivated, encouraged, and helped me achieve life altering goals! Her constant communication was instrumental in helping me stay on task to strive for what I wanted! Whitney is wonderful!" Jamie C. 

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